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Call us before you sign any agreement! We can help you evaluate any offers you may have received. It costs you nothing and could save you a small fortune.

Our business is to help your business!

Think about it, how much more business could you take on if you were able to get paid consistently within 24 hours?

How much more profit could that mean to you?

Factoring is used for a single purpose. To improve your cash flow.

Now, wouldn't getting paid faster help you grow faster?

Consider how nice it would be to not have to worry about when a customer is going to send a check?

By using a factoring company you don't wait to get paid for 30-60 or 90 days. You get paid today.

The process is very similar to accepting a credit card (merchant services). Where a bank advances you the money for a customers bill and charges you a fee for the service.

Of course with credit card processing the bank also charges the customer on over 30. Factoring is a little more straight forward in process & pricing.

How it Works:

  • You provide your product or service to your customer (an office visit, staffing services, a delivery of phone cable or other product or service).
  • You send us the invoice, freight bill or other instrument.
  • We then send funds to your bank account electronically (based on your agreement generally 80 to 95%).
  •  When your customer pays the bill we send you the balance of the invoice value less any fees incurred as agreed upon.

That's all there is to it.... 

No collection calls, no bad feelings from your customers` 



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